Learning the Way - Peacemakers Week 4

Ephesians 4:1-16 Luke 12:13-15 Every time we sin, we create conflict. How do you typically respond to that conflict?

Read Matthew 7:3-5 and then answer the following:

Where are your failing to look at your own sin in your conflict with others?
What would change with the relationships in your life if you stopped blaming others and examined your own heart?

If we want to be peacemakers, we can’t simply modify our behavior. We must ask God to change our hearts. In order for our hearts to be changed, we must surrender them.

What parts of your heart are you struggling to surrender?
Are you willing to be open and honest with your sin? Why or why not?
Do you find it difficult to confess your sin to God? How about others? Why or why not?
This week will you follow Christ? Relationally, how can you take up your cross and die to yourself?
Christ went first for us. What is keeping you from going first for the sake of another?

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