Learning the Way - Peacemakers Week 1

Colossians 1:15-20 This text is often referred to as the “Hymn to Christ”. Paul lays out a beautiful illustration of who Jesus is and what He did for us. If you haven’t already, read the text and then discuss the list below with your group. Spend some time on these. Which ones challenge you? Which ones encourage you?

Jesus is the very presence of God in human form. (verse 15)
Jesus is preeminent. Jesus is special. Jesus is set apart. (verse 15)
Jesus is above creation. (verse 16)
Jesus is providential and sovereign. (verse 16)
Jesus existed before time. Jesus has always been. (verse 17)
Jesus is active. Jesus did not just create and walk away. Jesus is current and continual. (verse 17)
Jesus is the head of the church. (verse 18)
Jesus’ purpose is reconciliation. (verse 20)
Jesus’ death was the beginning of redemption and grace. (verse 20)

God created us with feelings, therefore our feelings are important. However, because of sin, we often mishandle and misunderstand our feelings and the feelings of others. When we look at the conflict in our lives, most of us want to “feel” peace. But the truth of the gospel tell us that the peace is already there! Because of Jesus, we have objective peace. We have a new reality.

How does understanding this “new reality” change the way you view conflict in your life?

Where or with who in your life do you need to stop focusing on your feelings and submit and trust in the truth of the gospel? How can we encourage you?

In order to be peacemakers, we must first understand how important peace is to God. It was so important, God was so passionate about peace, that He made a way where we couldn’t. He took the first step. He bridged the gap. He sent Jesus to die to create that peace.

As we spend the next few weeks learning about biblical peacemaking, will you step out of your comfort zone, die to yourself, and be Jesus to other people? Will you allow yourself to be challenged?

Will you pay the price to create peace? What is stopping you? How can the group pray for you?

Challenge:Think of someone in your life with whom you need to make peace. Throughout this study, commit to prayer the steps you need to take to go to that person.

Learning the Way

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