Learning the Way - Romans 9:30-10:21

These passages aren't theological constructs that live in a vacuum. Instead, Paul is mourning and pleading for his people to come to know the truth about God. This is the appropriate attitude! As we talk about God's nature and what we believe about God's plan of salvation, who do you think about in your life who needs to hear the gospel? Do you mourn and plead for their salvation? Do you share the gospel with them in the hope that they will come to know God?

One of the key points from the message was that zeal without knowledge leads to fanaticism. Are you naturally someone who needs to add zeal to your knowledge, or knowledge to your zeal?

How would people describe you? Would they define you first as a believer, or would they first talk about something else that defines you? Do you evangelize something else (hobby, interest, product, job, etc.) more than God, to the point that people see that as your defining characteristic?

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? -Romans 10:14

We have to speak the truth of the gospel. And more than that, we can't simply proclaim it, we have to be able to persuade! Is this something you do? Are you able to share the gospel and show people their need? If not, have you ever been confronted with the truth that as believers we are responsible for what we do with the gospel? How does this make you feel?

If you answer the previous questions positively and say, “yes, I preach the gospel regularly” do you simply proclaim it with a ‘take it or leave it attitude’ or do you seek to persuade because your heart is broken at the thought of anyone being lost?

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