Learning the Way - Romans 8:14-17

We learned in the message that the way we respond to God after we have sinned is a good indicator of how well we understand the gospel. How do you respond to God after you sin? Do you cry out, “Abba, Father”? Do you hide, or become angry, or deny, or explain?

We also learned that the way we respond to others’ sin shows us how well we understand the gospel and mercy that has been extended to us. How do you respond to others’ sin? Do you respond with anger? Are you tempted to withdraw? Retaliate with words? Are you tempted to make it a teachable moment every time?

Kindness is more than the absence of ill will. It is applied compassion in thought, word, and deed. Talk with your group about relationships and areas of your life where you should be responding with true kindness.

Finally, as a believer, the scripture tells us we are sons of God. We’ve been adopted into the family and given the same status as Jesus our savior! How does this truth (or how should this truth) affect your life? Is it something you consider?

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