Learning the Way - Romans 8:12-13 Part 2

The message posed this question: How can I yield and submit to the Spirit, so that I can, by the Spirit, put to death the deeds of my body (kill sin?) The message then answered the question by giving these practical steps.

Call your sin what it is. Don’t candy-coat it. Be honest about the core problem.(ex: I struggle with my thought life → I am committing lust, idolatry, etc.)
See your sin from heaven’s perspective.
Find and replace: kill your sin and replace it with God’s character.

Talk with your group about a sin that you are currently struggling with, and walk through these steps. As a part of this process, find scripture that applies to your particular sin that you can memorize throughout the week.

In this passage, Paul is addressing his brothers and sisters. We are being called to actively put our sin to death. This is a large part of why we meet as small groups. Why are you, specifically you, a part of a small group? Why do you show up? Why do you subject yourself to this?

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