Learning the Way - Romans 6:1-14

We learned in the message that as believers we are no longer under the reign and rule of sin. Sin can no longer dictate, but can still cause us harm. Are there sins you have grown tolerant toward? Will you confess these to your group? Aren’t we really just easing into the new year with these questions?

It’s a mistake to think the main way we live our new life is simply looking at sin and its desires and saying to ourselves: don’t. Our new life in Christ is about living positively and proactively: do! Paul encourages us to “offer yourselves to God” and, “offer the parts of your body to him as instruments of righteousness.” Talk about ways that you can encourage each other as a group to offer yourselves to God.

Paul is showing us in this text that sinning comes not from a lack willpower, but from a lack of understanding our position and a lack of reflection and rejoicing. How would your life change if you thought like this:

-I am bought with Christ’s blood.
-I have been delivered out of the dominion of sin.
-I was saved by Christ specifically so I would not sin.

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