Learning the Way - Romans 3:1-8

In Romans 3 we see Paul speaking to a group of Jews that began to think that God's faithfulness was equivalent to Him upholding the nation of Israel. That began to translate into "we are the most important people in the world." This is a man-centered view of God and it ignores a variety of God's character traits like His judgment, wrath, and righteousness. This can lead us to completely miss our need for a Savior. In what ways do you see this happening today in our culture and in what ways are you guilty of this in your own life?

The message pointed out that this passage could be removed from Romans and Paul's point would still be made. But he adds this point to address a very specific issue that he knew some of this letter's recipients would question. He goes out of his way to speak to his audience. This is an important principle for us to follow! Are you willing to do the hard work of understanding the objections of other people (ages, people groups, races, denominations, anyone who doesn't think identically to you)? Are you willing to learn their language and speak Gospel truths to them? What does this look like practically in your everyday life?

The message talked about some believers having a false sense of security (whether Jews in the first century or Christians today). As believers, we aren't called to a life of complacency and solitude. Instead we're called to live in community, bear fruit, and finish the race (James 2:26, 2 Timothy 4:7). Do you simply fall back to your promise of eternal security or are you actively fighting the good fight? Is being a follower of Christ an active, daily pursuit, or a prayer that you said once?

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