Learning the Way - Romans 16:3-16

As Paul begins to close his letter to the Romans, we see him specifically mentioning a substantial list of people. It becomes clear that this is a group of people that are living in genuine community. Despite distances, and frequent traveling, they know each other and know each other well.

Our schedule is going to be different this week as we help the city with downtown decorations. But whether you meet in your regular place and time or whether you’re able to help serve, take time to talk to each other about your stories. Share about how you came to know our Savior. Share about the times in your life that are the brightest memories, when God blessed you so dramatically you remember it like it was yesterday. Share about the times in your life that were the bleakest, when you had to remind yourself often of God’s goodness. If you’re volunteering, you’ll find yourself in groups of two or three working side by side. Take the initiative and start the conversation. We should know each other’s stories and know them well.

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