Learning the Way - Romans 15:7-13

Throughout this passage, Paul is calling for unity amongst the believers. These believers had incredibly different backgrounds which had led to the disunity that Paul is addressing. In the message we were encouraged to have an agenda for unity amongst our church. We were given eight questions to ask ourselves as we consider this agenda:
  1. Put others before yourself.
  2. Be the first to seek peace and reconciliation.
  3. Be willing to not get your way if it means advancing the mission.
  4. Talk to people, not about people.
  5. Spend more time considering areas of agreement than disagreement.
  6. Spend more time considering evidences of grace in other Christians than you do pondering their sins and weaknesses.
  7. Judge yourself more than you judge others.
  8. Pursue humility.
Discuss these as a group. Which do you find easier and which do you find difficult? You may need help from other members of your group, and others may need your objective help. Do this honestly, but kindly, always striving towards unity.

Are there any relationships within your group that are strained, or areas where disunity needs to be addressed? Take time to work through these areas if appropriate. If you need to seek someone out later this week, or one on one, will you commit to doing that this week?

Pray for the unity of our specific church, as well as the unity of the church as a whole.

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