Learning the Way - Romans 14 Part 1

Is your character one that tends to want to rule all matters as being disputable, or no matter as being disputable?

Can you see any area in which you may be a weaker Christian (to do so takes great self-awareness!)? One of the signs of being a weaker Christian is the desire to promote nonessential or secondary things as critical and essential. It is tempting for all of us to make sweeping mandates to apply to other believers. Has the Holy Spirit revealed any areas where this has been a temptation for you? In what areas have you found yourself being the weaker brother? How does it make you feel to realize you are the weaker brother?

One of the signs of being a mature Christian is how we respond when we are around less mature Christians. Do we pull away from them or do we press in closer? Has there been a time where you pressed in or pulled away? What did you learn from either of those experiences? How has God used this to grow you as a believer?

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