Learning the Way - Romans 12:9-10

This week is going to be different: begin your group by taking time to confess and repent. Follow this with a time of prayer, and finish by going through the questions together. Let this time of confession, repentance, and prayer take as much time as it needs. If you run out of time for getting through the questions, it’s ok.

We learned in the message that true love is selfless. This kind of selfless love requires that we put the person ahead of the relationship. In our relationships, in our marriages, in our parenting, there are times that we have to say hard things and address difficult issues. To not do this is ultimately self serving. Give specific examples of times when you’ve had to do this with relationships in your life, or times when someone has approached you this way. Are there some relationships that are easier to do this with than others, and if so, why?

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