Learning the Way - Romans 12:17-21

Take some time to confess and repent and pray for the individual people in your group.

We are commanded by Christ to love our enemy (Matt 5:44) and Paul tells us to leave vengeance to God, in fact, he tells us not only to love our enemies but also to serve them and see to their physical needs.
What are some reasons and/or ways you tend to avoid keeping these commands and instructions?
How do these instructions laid out by Paul highlight the Gospel?
When you are sinned against how do you typically respond?

When we do evil to those who have sinned against us we represent our enemy and not our Lord. This points others toward evil instead of the God of grace.
How have you pointed others (believers and the lost) toward the enemy instead of the grace of God?
How often does your behavior outside the congregation point to the glory of God?
What comes out of your heart when you are put under pressure?

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