Learning the Way - Romans 11:11-36

One of the continuing themes from Paul’s letter to the church in Rome is that no one should be arrogant or puffed up. In this week’s message we learned that some of the Gentiles in the church at Rome had become arrogant in their attitude towards the Jewish believers who were coming back into the church. Paul is careful to make the point that the only reason any of us are a part of God’s plan is because He chooses us. In what areas of your life do you struggle with being arrogant?

During the early days of the church, the most anti-church sentiment (and action) came from the Jews. Yet we learn in verse 23 that even they can be restored to God - He is capable of restoring anyone to Him. What people in your life have you lost hope for God bringing to salvation?

At the end of this passage, Paul seems to be overwhelmed by the very nature of God and begins worshipping and quoting scripture. His teaching on the nature of God’s plan leads him to worship. The two are intertwined for Paul - one can’t go without the other. Talk with your group about where you fall on this spectrum. Do you lean more towards studying doctrine or towards worship? Have you ever thought of these two as being dependent and correlated? If you have been confronted with this question before, have you ever used your personality as an excuse? “I just don’t express myself with singing… or I just don’t like reading or studying?

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