When the church started in the book of Acts becoming a part of the church was a costly proposition. Over time Christianity transition from being a persecuted minority to an accepted majority. Being part of a church transitioned from being costly to being advantageous to people. This new reality has allowed people who are not believers to become members of the church. Even more dangerous is that some of those non-believers have become leaders in the church.

This new reality has created many of the problems we see in the church today. To guard against this at Church on The Way we have a process to becoming a member of Church on The Way. Below you will find the steps in the process and a brief description of each step.


Step 1 - Join A Community Group

Community groups are an essential part of what it means to be a part of COTW. This is the first step in committing to living out your Christianity in our local church.


Step 2 - C.G. Leader Recommendation

After attending community group for a couple of months and doing life together if you feel like COTW is where God wants you be be a member talk with your Community group leader about recommending you for membership


Step 3 - Membership Class

Once receiving the recommendation from the Community Group you will be placed in the next membership class. Membership classes are formed once five or more people are recommended for membership.


Step 4 - Membership Application

After completing the membership class you will be given a membership application. After reading over the membership application and signing the membership covenant submit it to the church office. Click here to complete the membership application


Step 5 - Meet with a Pastor

Once the membership class and application and covenant are submitted the church office will schedule time to sit down with a pastor from the church. This meeting is primarly to determine how the church can best serve the new member.


Step 6 - Voted into Membership

Once all the requirements have been completed the pastors and elders will meet and vote them into membership and present them to the church.

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Community groups meet Monday thru Friday nights. Contact Adam Crocker to learn more