Learning the Way - Haggai 1:1-7

In this week’s text, we see the people of God are distracted from rebuilding the temple and are focused instead on building lavish homes for themselves. This represents a problem with the focus of their hearts. They’ve become distracted by their desire for comfort. Over the past week, Hurricane Irma’s path through our state left a trail of death and destruction. Additionally, for many, it removed many our daily comforts: our air conditioning, lights, running water, basic supply chains for food and gas, etc. In our current level of society we assume these things will be there for us and when they aren’t, our hearts’ true desires are brought to the light.

Spend your time together this week doing two things:

First, talk with your group about how the storm affected you - not a detailed outline of when you lost power and when you got it back. Talk about things you noticed about yourself that you aren’t proud to have seen. Confess and repent with your group about the focus of your heart and where it may have gone astray. Remind each other of how Christ’s sacrifice means He’s still working in us and through us, and encourage each other to move forward from here with a different perspective.

Second, pray for the victims of this storm and for our local community. Thank God for his grace in sparing so many from the destruction that could have been. Thank Him for the thousands of people who have come to help rebuild. Thank Him for His provision through all of this.

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