Learning the Way

Ecclesiastes 8:1-9

When we seek after the joy of knowing the living God, people should be able to identify us by how we live our lives.. Our countenance should be radiating. Wisdom should be evident.
  • What does your countenance speak to the people you interact with on a day to day basis?
Our first response to the authority God has placed in our lives should be obedience. The gospel doesn’t call us to rebellion, it calls the rebellious into submission. We experience the most freedom when we are the most submitted.
  • Where do you struggle to submit and obey? Why?
  • Share a time when you have experienced freedom through submission.
It’s only when those in authority over us go against God’s truth and authority that should we protest or make a stand, but even then we should be respectful, loving, and gracious showing Christ. We should never repay evil with evil. We should protest in such a way that is welcoming to those that we are protesting against.
  • When do you find it most difficult to love your enemies?
  • Are you welcoming? Do you have a faith that produces a place of refuge for others?
  • Where do you need to stop being a pharisee and start being a disciple?
As believers we often forget that we are in the middle of a war. We forget that we are not our own. We forget that we were bought for a price. We forget that the mission is His, not ours. We forget what it means to serve. Picking up our cross daily is not easy or comfortable.
  • In what ways have you forgotten these truths?
  • How can we as a group practically remind each other of the gospel daily? What would change in our hearts if we did this?



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